Hydra Technology designs and builds custom hydraulic cylinders including telescopics, mill cylinders, multi-point leveling and tensioning hydraulic cylinder systems, electro-hydraulic lifts, gas springs, stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, pancake cylinders and NFPA Interchange Hydraulic Cylinders.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders Hydratechnologies

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders For Unique Needs

Recent projects include the Center Screen Cylinder for the Terminator 2 shows at Universal Studios. The cylinders are currently in use at Universal Studios in Orlando Fl, Hollywood Ca and Japan.

Hydratech responded to an urgent need generated when commercially available industrial grade cylinders could not meet rigid (exacting) design safety factor and performance requirements. The Terminator 2 was designed and built in 15 days (including outside design review) enabling the show installation to meet deadlines set by Universal. The show scenario requires the cylinder to move approximately 38 inches in less than one second. The double-rod cylinder features two SAE flanged ports at each end to accommodate the 300 GPM flow required and heavy duty redundant rod seals. Additional features include hydraulic rod locking device, and low pressure drains and variable cushions at both ends.

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